Yesterday we began something new for morning worship that I would like to continue – a short (5 minute max) “Call-To-Worship Devotional.” immediately before worship begins. You can read the yesterday’s devotional, shared by Shelley Carener, by clicking the link below.  I thought it really spoke to the heart of our service yesterday and is a great reminder for us anytime we come into God’s presence.

If you would like to be involved by sharing a “Call-To-Worship Devotional,” please let me know. It can be as simple as a verse that speaks to your heart (with or without comment) a fully prepared devotional, or you can read one that has already been prepared. If you are feeling unsure, you can always contact me for suggestions; but I believe that the Holy Spirit can orchestrate it all without my help.

I would really like as many different people to share throughout the year as possible. You will be used of God to prepare our hearts for Worship, The Word and what the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish that day.

Worship: God Wants To Party With You –


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